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    Bollywood Bel Arabi

    Every Sat at 9pm UAE

    Spend your Saturday evening with the best Bollywood Stars watching popular Bollywood Movies.

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    Horobi Elaih

    Sun to Thu at 7pm UAE

    The telenovela is about the love triangle between two sisters Ana and Manuela and their love Rodrigo, and the drama that unfolds in their lives after a tragic accident.

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    Kay Araak Jaiydan

    Sun to Thu at 8pm UAE

    Several families move into an apartment building with their illusions, fears and secrets. But no one knows the danger they are facing from their charming, handsome, friendly neighbor who is actually a criminal.

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    Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer

    Sun to Thu at 11pm UAE

    The story of a hotel which has a convergence of secrets from all the different characters. Everyone has a story but all the stories are fundamentally one.


Saturday May 19 , 2018 UAE Timing
Isabel 12:00am
Isabel 1:00am
Isabel 2:00am
Isabel 3:00am
Isabel 4:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 5:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 6:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 7:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 8:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 9:00am
Horobi Elaih 10:00am
Horobi Elaih 11:00am
Horobi Elaih 12:00pm
Horobi Elaih 1:00pm
Horobi Elaih 2:00pm
Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 3:00pm
Christopher Columbus 4:00pm
Isabel 6:00pm
Isabel 7:00pm
Isabel 8:00pm
Heyy Babyy 9:00pm
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 11:00pm