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    Sun to Thu at 9pm UAE

    The daughter of an impoverished Prussian Prince prepares to marry the future Tsar of Russia, Peter III. She dreams of love, but the Tsar prefers war games and shows little interest in women. Her girlish innocence soon disappears into vice, her tender nature is replaced by cold fury, and she channels her loneliness into a quest for power.

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    Kay Araak Jaiydan

    Sun to Thu at 8pm UAE

    Several families move into an apartment building with their illusions, fears and secrets. But no one knows the danger they are facing from their charming, handsome, friendly neighbor who is actually a criminal.

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    Sun to Thu at 10pm UAE

    A Spanish historical series tells the story of Queen Isabella I of Sicily. She was known throughout history as the world's most evil woman.

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    Sun to Thu at 11pm UAE

    In a time when swords marked men’s destinies, three opposing forces vie to rule the kingdom. Forbidden loves, political conspiracies and three conflicting cultures turn the court into a nest of vipers where Rodrigo and his children have to learn to survive.