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    Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool

    Sun to Thu at 9pm UAE

    A group of women convicts manage to escape a Santiago prison. A deep friendship formed in prison, helps see them through various adventures and challenges upon their escape.

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    Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer

    Sun to Thu at 11pm UAE

    Working as a waiter at the Gran Hotel, Julio plans to investigate the disappearance of his sister.

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    Bollywood Bel Arabi

    Every Sat at 9pm UAE

    Catch all the action, drama and entertainment with some of the popular Bollywood blockbusters. Grab you popcorn and spend your Saturdays watching movies!

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    Neeran Sayfeya

    Sun to Thu at 8pm UAE

    A village haunted by a curse that only true love can break. Enter Ana and Viktor, and their deep attraction. Will love conquer all? Or will the village’s dark history tear them apart.


Friday July 13 , 2018 UAE Timing
Sejen Al Nessa 12:00am
Neeran Sayfeya 1:00am
Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 2:00am
Al Hariboon 3:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 4:00am
Sejen Al Nessa 5:00am
Neeran Sayfeya 6:00am
Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 7:00am
Al Hariboon 8:00am
Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 9:00am
Sejen Al Nessa 10:00am
Neeran Sayfeya 11:00am
Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 12:00pm
Al Hariboon 1:00pm
Simba Al Sagheer Wa Ka's Al Aalam 2:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 4:00pm
Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 5:00pm
Al Hariboon 6:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 7:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 8:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 9:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 10:00pm
Neeran Sayfeya 11:00pm