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    Midsummer Fire

    Starts Wed, 20th Jun at 8pm UAE

    This series full of intrigue, mystery and thrilling twists and turns is set in a village haunted by a legend. Can true love prevail today over an age-old curse?

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    Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool

    Sun to Thu at 9pm UAE

    The story of four women who share a deep friendship, four women that happen to meet while serving time and the adventures they live after they successfully escape from jail.

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    Al Hariboon

    Sun to Thu at 10pm UAE

    Accused of a crime he didn´t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison. His wife, Mariana, abandons him, what hurts him the most is not being able to see his son.

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    Bollywood Bel Arabi

    Every Sat at 9pm UAE

    Spend your Saturday evening with the best Bollywood Stars watching popular Bollywood Movies.

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Monday, June 18, 2018 UAE timing

  • Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 4:00am
  • Horobi Elaih 5:00am
  • Kay Araak Jaiydan 6:00am
  • Al Huroob Nahwa Al Majhool 7:00am
  • Al Hariboon 8:00am
  • Asrar Al Fondoq Al Kabeer 9:00am